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when girls wear ‘boy clothes’ shes seen as ‘cool’ or ‘hipster’

but as soon as a guy wears ‘girls clothes’ he gets called gay, or fag

if you dont think thats fucked up what is wrong with you?

because society thinks its degrading to be a woman


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Filed under my mum doesn't think I look cool or hipster when I wear boy clothes it's really annoying but I'm gonna wear boy clothes if I want honestly don't give two fucks what she thinks about my style

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Proof that the love between The Wanted and the TW Fanmily is mutual

Member of the Fanmily has a seizure at the airport; Nath and Tom stay with her until medics come
Boys are doing a 6 hour signing at Westfield; a member of the Fanmily brings them Starbucks
Fanmily is waiting outside their hotel in the cold; Siva brings them hot chocolate
The boys are hungry and stuck in their hotel in Toronto; Fanmily bring them McDonalds
Member(s) of the Fanmily are stranded; the boys get them a hotel room for the night

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Hi! So sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I was supposed to write and post today, but I’ve been doing math homework all day and yesterday was incredibly busy… I’ll do my best to post sometime this week, but I can’t promise anything, cause I’ve got a busy week ahead :/ Anyways, I love you guys for being so patient, and like I said, I’ll do my absolute best to post the next baby series pref this week xx

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